Friday, May 9, 2014

Not Feeling Good (relatively)

Things are not always perfect in your mind.  Or, to be more specific, things are not always perfect in my mind.  Sometimes you plan things that don't work out exactly the way you want them to, and that just kinda throws everything off kilter.

But, as I was thinking earlier today, sometimes you just have to take your "problems" and force yourself to contrast them with some other situations in life:

Wake up.  Wake up.  Wake up.  Your life, by and large, is probably fantastic compared to the REAL problems that people have in life.  Maybe your job isn't perfect, maybe the food in your fridge is bland, maybe your furniture is shabby....there is a higher purpose to life than dealing with issues like that!

We all need to remember what we want is often very far from what we actually need.  I've been doing way too much bitching lately (although admittedly, I currently have some super considerably good reasons to do so:  i.e. my motorcycle accident and all the resulting health problems see this recent post: HTTP://   Anyway, make the best of what you do have and try not to worry too much about you don't.  I know that's usually easier said than done...

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