Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Overwhelmed...and Life after Non-Existence

I feel very overwhelmed.  There's just too much of everything.  I guess I need to go for a walk.

Edit: Before I let it slip my mind, here's one thing I was thinking about the other day.

I was watching some videos about atheism and hell, and the speaker said that he didn't believe in hell (for good reasons), and that he believes that after we die, "nothing happens."

In terms of how "normal" people seem to classify various ideologies, I think I'm closer to being an atheist than a theist, but actually I consider myself to be a "pantheist".  I'm not sure I believe anything "happens" after we die, but I find it strange when people think that science provides no evidence for life after death.

I think a lot of people who consider themselves atheists and who believe that nothing happens after we die would think it's fair to say that, after death, we are non-existent.  So we are alive/we exist, and then we do not.  But this presents (in my view), a problem, because they would presumably also say that we are non-existent before we born.  So there is a period of non-existence, and then we do exist.  And that is exactly what they are saying they think is impossible.

There is evidence of life after non-existence.  We are all living that evidence right now.